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  • Review of marketing strategy

  • Review of marketing channels and tactics

  • Defining a new strategy and creation of an overarching marketing plan

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I have created a number of packages to help make your life that little bit easier by offering you specific areas of marketing support and guidance.  Have a scroll and check them out below.  If you can't see what you're looking for, or feel that you need a mixture, please get in touch as I can create a bespoke package and quote for you.

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The New Biz Kickstart package is your marketing strategy and marketing plan all in one, along with content ideas and marketing tips so that you can kickstart your marketing activity to promote your business.

​​In order to get somewhere, you need to know where you are going.  As a small business owner it is often hard to see the wood through the trees and know where to start.

A marketing strategy distils what you want to achieve, defines your target market and identifies what makes you different. 

My New Biz kickstart plan details what you need to do to get going.  It combines your strategy and marketing plan all in one package! Plus I give content ideas, marketing tips and guidance so that you can kick start promoting your business  yourself.


In my plan I define the three W’s that will give you a clear understanding of what you are trying to do and how to do it. 


This packages includes:

- “The What” - Determining what is the product/service that you are trying to sell, its USPs, your objectives and brand attributes. 

- “The Who” - Defining who is your target audience and how you make your product/service appeal to them and reach them.

- “The Where” - Identifying your core marketing channels and marketing tactics thats right for your budget and business; defining your key marketing messages and planning your routes to market to sell your product/service.


Plus, it includes:

- Content ideas

- Marketing tips 

- An easy-to-follow bespoke marketing activity plan.

It’s everything you need to be clear on what you need to do and how to do it.


Price: £2,995

Brand Diagnostic


This is the ultimate marketing package and a deep delve into the heart of your brand. The Brand Diagnostic is ideal for businesses that need to grow and stretch their brand and for those that are in need of a refresh or relaunch.

This package includes:

- A full audit identifying any issues and opportunities

- Identifying and/or refining your target audience

- Defining the brand essence

- Creating and defining your USP

- A full review of your marketing channels and tactics

- A clearly defined channel strategy

- Advice on the brand stretch

- Clear actions

- A follow-up call to review and discuss your progress.

- On-going email support and idea generation throughout.


The end result - a clear brand strategy defining the brand values, USP, comms proposition and core values all reflected in a new channel strategy ready for execution across all marketing activity going forward.

Price: from £3,500

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Got something to say, but not sure how to say it? Or are you struggling to find the right words to express your brand and appeal to your target audience? Then this package can help you...

Having the right tone of voice in your marketing communications can help you stand out from the crowd, make you recognisable and help you to appeal to your customers. 

In my 'Find Your Brand Voice' package I give you the ultimate brand voice guidelines which nails and defines the following:
- Your customer
- Your brand values
- Core values
- Comms proposition
- Core brand messages and guidance on how to communicate them.

Before I start, I fully immerse myself into your brand and get to know you and your target audience.  As part of this research I generate lots of ideas to meet your brand goals and the needs of your audience and then work my magic to give you your unique brand voice and the guidelines on how to keep it consistent across all platforms.

The end result - a clearly defined brand tone of voice to be used on everything to appeal to your audience.

Price from: £2,500

Please get in touch for more information and a bespoke quote.

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Create an impact with the right words!

As a brand it is so important to find the right words to express your personality whilst appealing to your audience. Your messaging needs to be clear and nail your USP.

I can step into your brand and write exciting brand copy for any of the following:
- Website
- Newsletter
- Blog post
- Features
- Social media posts
- Presentations

- Press release
- Radio ad scripts
- Posters and leaflets
- Email campaign.

Starting at £60 for a blog post, get in touch to discuss your brand copywriting needs and request a quote.



Let's chat...!

In this session we will discuss as many new ideas that we can fit into one hour to promote and grow your biz.  Complete with a session summary and next steps round-up, you will come away from the session feeling motivated and ready to go.


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Are your marketing communications becoming tired and having no cut-through to your target audience? 

Then let me help and give your marketing a makeover.

This package includes:

- An audit of your current tactics and communications.

- Identifying your target audience.

- Defining a new strategy and tactics to effectively promote your biz.

- Recommendations.

- Follow-up aftercare call to review your progress.

The complete marketing package to give your marketing a makeover or a kickstart so that you can effectively promote your biz.

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Grow and promote your biz with your own bespoke marketing plan and strategy.

Your clear, actionable marketing plan will include and define:

- Your product/biz and the challenges it faces.

- Target audience

- Your USP 

- Your business objectives and KPI's

- Your mission

- Competitor analysis

- Audit of your current marketing tactics

- A proposed channel strategy identifying the marketing channels and tactics right for your business

- Your key marketing messages

- Next step recommendations

Plus, it includes:

- A kick meeting and initial research

- follow-up meeting to review your progress

- Email support and idea generation throughout.

The end result... a clear direction for you and your biz. You will have an easy-to-follow, actionable marketing plan giving you the kickstart to effectively promote your biz.

Price: From £2,500

Get in touch for more info and to book.

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