A small selection of clients I've worked with.

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"Jade is an accomplished marketing professional, she combines both an analytical approach and a creative flair and is an absolute pleasure to work alongside."

Amanda Camilleri. New Business Publisher, Bauer Media

Bauer Media is the UK’s largest publishing company and home to many consumer brands including KISS, heat, GRAZIA, Take a Break and Magic. I spent over eight years of my career at Bauer and during that time held various marketing roles across many of the Women’s magazine brands which I absolutely loved. From launching the Grandparent of the Year Awards on Yours to a London Fashion Week brand campaign on Grazia; the NTAs for heat to the Vitality Show for Top Santé. My role was completely diverse, and always busy.

So when the opportunity arose for me as a new freelancer to return to Bauer Media and manage a number of projects for Amanda, I jumped at the chance. Returning to the brands I loved and worked on for so many years was like putting on a comfy pair of slippers but had the added excitement of working on new ideas for these brands with the objective to drive new revenue. I worked closely with Amanda to project manage a number of new revenue streams for the business.

These projects included:

  • The management of the beauty box partnership on Grazia and the launch of the first beauty box for heat magazine.

  • The launch of Grazia’s first ever beauty advent calendar 

  • The launch of two new events - The Grazia Academy - two courses for women in business.

Managing these projects involved:

  • Scoping out and developing the idea

  • Creating the marketing plan to launch

  • Developing brand concepts reflective of core brand values and within brand style guidelines (including packaging design)

  • Writing the copy for all marketing communications - both above and below the line

  • Managing the partnerships with external businesses and being the port of call for all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Analysing the success of each new business revenue stream.

  • Concise time management.



Mama Tribe is a digital community supporting women through motherhood and business. 
I spend some of my week working on Features, Content and Business Development for Mama Tribe HQ. This means that I work closely with Danni, founder of Mama Tribe, to identify and develop new revenue opportunities and grow the membership. I manage, produce and create blog content and website features such as shopping guides and create the social media marketing plan and graphics to promote the content.  It’s lots of fun and means that I get to work with lots of lovely mum-run small biz’s along the way.



“Jade wrote, planned and managed a series of email communications for our business. She had plenty of new ideas and understood our target market, which has helped us to transform all of our communications going forward.”

Nick Martin

Managing Director, Premier Events

Premier Events is a small, family run business specialising in exclusive tickets and VIP hospitality to the world’s most sought after events and shows. I worked with the team to develop, write and plan their email communications for one of their biggest events of the year with the objective to drive sales.



First Step Fitness is a new virtual training and wellbeing platform.  They had a great product, great branding and great tone but lost their direction after a successful launch and found it hard to see the wood through the trees.  I worked with Rachel and Tom to remind them of what they have achieved and give guidance on how they can drive it forward one step at a time.  I refined their business objectives and marketing strategy and created their marketing plan outlining the tactics to achieve their objectives.  I kept it simple, and easy to action and execute as I know how hard it is to both run a biz AND promote it.  It's a great biz and an awesome duo, an absolute pleasure to work with.

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Ivy & Normanton is the first online legal outfitter dedicated to courtwear for women. It is invested in raising diversity at the Bar and ensuring that all women attend court feeling comfortable, confident and well styled.  Whilst Karlia had well defined objectives and a clear vision for her brand she needed guidance with defining the right tone and approach for her marketing communications.  I did a deep delve into the brand and defined its core values, the brand essence and consumer proposition.  The end result - clearly defined brand voice guidelines advising on the right tone, approach and messaging for this brand for targeting its audience effectively.


"Jade is an accomplished marketing professional, she combines both an analytical approach and a creative flair and is an absolute pleasure to work alongside."

Amanda Camilleri

New Business Publisher

Bauer Media